#Advaita 2017

An Introduction

Advaita is ISB's premier International Management festival hosting a motley of events that combine the effervescence of innovative ideas with the brilliance of management perspective. Through a series of B-plan competitions, case challenges, real-life simulations and quizzes, Advaita presents to B-School students across campuses from India and abroad a powerful platform to demonstrate their business acumen and the grit to see innovative ideas through. In addition, Advaita also provides participants with the perfect avenue to display their collaborative chops, with the added bonus of networking opportunities and idea-exchanges.

Advaita - A Proud History

Kicking off in 2013 with just 5 events, Advaita witnessed enthusiastic participation from top B-Schools, and has since grown in leaps and bounds to accommodate over 10 events and 3500+ participants from 40+ top management schools across the world in its last edition in 2016. The prodigious mix of events spanning across contemporary business problems from a diverse spectrum of industries, coupled with attractive rewards in the form of both cash prizes and PPIs, have ensured that Advaita 2016 was a benchmark-setting fest that the new edition strives to beat. 

Advaita - In the Ascendant

Advaita 2017 looks to further the exemplary vision and immaculate standards established over the last 4 editions, embracing the overarching theme of “Transforming Businesses”. With an offering of events that run the gamut of domains from Consulting, Strategy, Marketing and Technology to Public Policy, Infrastructure and Healthcare, and prizes worth more than INR 1 Million, the 5th edition is all set to raise the bar once again, continuing the magic and the ethos that have made past editions events to remember.