Consilium -First Video Case Study by Matrix Nodes  
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The case revolves around Matrix Cellular, a travel services firm that started its operations in the Indian market in 1995. Initially positioned as a premium player in its segment, it reaped significant margins for a few years. But with new innovations in technology, especially shift from cellular to data, there was a shift in their mode of business.

Matrix started venturing into different areas to diversify its business model and transition from an international tele-services provider to a travel services firm. You have been hired as a Strategy Consultant to identify new areas of growth and revenue pertaining certain limitations

It is time we replicate the real world where your managers come to know and tell you about the problem and task. No reading cases! This 17th September the Managing Director of Matrix will himself tell you about the challenges and what you have to do.


Event Guidelines and Rules


Screening Round:

This round will require participants to define the problem as understood and present a 3 page executive summary of the case. The executive summary may address the following areas: Understanding of the issue at hand, key strategy and frameworks to use, expected financial investment and ROI, and local market understanding. The teams are expected to use the inputs to answer relevant questions, if any, asked in the case using information present only within the case.

Final Round:

The final shortlisted 10 teams will be given a case on 3rd October and the submissions will be due by 8th October. The submission will be a presentation of not more than 10 slides. This will also be an online submission and the results will be declared on the 14th of October.


Consulting and Strategy

  • Prizes worth INR 1 Million
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